There's no Porsche script on the rear valence panel below the taillights and you can see overspray on the rubber surround around the rear hatch lock. By the overall matte look of it I'd say this thing got an Earl Scheib paint job at some point, and will not look all that good until you do a full wet-sand and respray.… » 12/18/14 4:26pm Yesterday 4:26pm

It's cool and all, but the only thing I can imagine using it for is Burning Man, and for that a newer GMC TopKick or Ford 650 is at least as capable and way less of a pain in the ass to buy / title / fix and can be sourced from Uhaul auctions all day long for $4k-7k. » 12/17/14 3:59am Wednesday 3:59am

Somewhat ironically, one of the traditional reasons for the superiority of RWD was steering feel. Now electric power steering (which may get better, yes) and ultra-low-profile tires have sapped the steering feedback even from RWD sports cars. (I'm looking at you, Porsche…) » 12/17/14 1:37am Wednesday 1:37am

Personally, it's the combination of practicality and driving dynamics. I run a business that frequently requires supplies to schlepped, and I also frequently have car projects that require large parts to be schlepped. Wagons carry that stuff at least as well as a crossover and frequently just as well as a pickup… » 12/14/14 9:55am Sunday 9:55am

I bought one. Or perhaps more accurately, talked my dad into buying one (a "lo-mile" dealer demo for like 50% off), and then bought it off of him when he got fed up with it. It drove very, very well, but parts were impossible to get and the dealer had no idea what to do with it. My mom got into a fender-bender with it… » 12/12/14 2:48am 12/12/14 2:48am